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Workpackage FFFS

Within the framework of SOLIT² project, not only existing system concepts are further developed and optimized, but to clarify the influence of various system parameters, such as of the droplet spectra and the system pressure on the efficacy and effectiveness of fire-suppression are examined. Furthermore it is attempted to find suitable parameters for the theoretical investigation of the determination of the compensation potential.

Another focus is on identifying data for a consideration of life cycle cost and a reliability analysis, in particular with regard to the comparison with other parts of the tunnel safety system.

Workpackage Fire Tests

As part of the extensive research project SOLIT² large fire tests were conducted in a special test tunnel in Spain. Extensive measuring equipment was planned and built jointly by IFAB and the IDF. In addition to the usual measurements of temperatures, air velocity and heat radiation, the determination of the heat release rate (HRR) of the fire load during longitudinal and semi-transversal ventilation and the measurement of system pressure and flow rate of the fixed fire fighting system was implemented.

To investigate the efficacy of water mist systems and their potential compensation, liquid pool (class B) and solid (class A) fires were conducted with heat release rates of up to 100 MW. The aim was to use highly realistic fire scenarios on the one hand and worst case scenarios for reviewing the performance of the FFFS on the other hand.

In addition to the various FFFS other components of the safety equipment in road tunnels (e.g. dynamic escape route lighting), or the tactics and operating conditions of fire services were investigated.
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