FOGTEC fire protection

The Smarter Way of Fire Fighting

FOGTEC is the leading specialist for high-pressure water mist systems. FOGTEC systems use pure water, converting it into fine mist at a high pressure. Not only these systems are 100% environmentally-friendly but are often more effective than conventional gas or water fire fighting equipment.

Fogtec MalaysiaWith 45 system partners for distribution, maintenance, and installation, FOGTEC is offering services of highest quality worldwide.
FOGTEC’s high reputation in the market is not only reflected by the well known names of its partners and customers, however, also by the fact that no other water mist company is involved in more international research projects.
All efforts of FOGTEC are aimed at continuously improving the protection of people and property.

Fogtec Hamburg In its locations in Cologne, Hamburg, Rostock, England, France, Spain, USA, and Malaysia, FOGTEC employs are a team of specialist engineers from the areas of fire protection, mechanical engineering, chemistry, hydraulics, electronics, domestic technology, and shipbuilding.

FOGTEC’s Tunnel Department focuses on the protection of underground facilities such as tunnels and metro stations. Specially trained engineers provide consultant services as well as turn keysolutions.

FOGTEC CologneFirst fire tests for tunnels have been carried out by FOGTEC in 1995.
FOGTEC is part of the two major European research projects for underground facilities such as UPTUN with 42 partners and FiT with 33 consortium members.

fogtec watermist

FOGTEC runs a state of art Total Quality Management System. Continuing improvement of all products and services are the guideline for all of FOGTEC’s activities. The quality of products to be supplied to customers is checked on a 100% basis. All functions of components, modules, and systems are checked before delivery. FOGTEC is certified according to ISO 9001-2000 by Lloyds Register. All major suppliers of FOGTEC are certified according to ISO 9001-2000 accordingly.

Important projects of FOGTEC for subsurface facilities include the protection of the Virgolo Tunnel of the Brennero Highway, the Woodhead Tunnel in England, the Senoko Tunnel in Singapore, and the Metro of Budapest.


KAMAT-Pumpen GmbH & Co. KG

KAMAT manufactures plunger pumps up to 3200 bar discharge pressure. Single pumps are available up to 550 kW power input. Complete pump stations of up to 2 MW power input have been manufactured. KAMAT was always specialized in plunger pumps. However, as various control, safety and regulating valves are needed to operate positive displacement pumps, KAMAT also manufactures these ones in many different versions for all flows and pressures of KAMAT pumps. In addition, turnkey pumping systems are supplied. This includes all project work, power supply, and automation technology with in-house-developed software.

Minimizing service costs as well as easy field operation maintainability have always been a focus of KAMAT developments. In addition, a modular system is used throughout the product lines.

Typical customers have been the industrial cleaning industry, shipyards, the mining industry, the oil producing industry, and the chemical industry as well as car manufacturers and their suppliers, and the steel industry. A big portion of KAMAT plunger pumps are supplied to OEMs that integrate KAMAT pumps into the systems. They manufactured for end customers. Typically customized products can be offered for very special applications

As KAMAT is exporting 80% of its products, a world wide distributor network is maintained. This network assures a worldwide service for KAMAT products.

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LIOS Technologie

LIOS Technology

Fibre Optic Technology for Fire Detection in Tunnels

LIOS Technology - a member of the Danish NKT group - has developed an innovative technique for distributed temperature measurement based on the optical frequency domain reflectometry (OFDR). This unique technique opens a wide range of important prospects in modern linear heat detection for optimum safety in road and rail tunnels and other special hazard buildings.

With the development of heat and radiation, sensitive cable designs and further development of the optical OFDR Raman radar measuring method with high location resolution and high temperature accuracy a highly innovative fire detection system for fire monitoring in tunnels have been successfully introduced. Complex measurement of Raman back-scatter light, calculation of the Raman back-scatter curve from the Fourier transformation of the measurement signal and application of the mathematical correspondence between frequency and location-space for correction of disturbance variables are the unique exclusive features of OFDR Raman technology. Based on these special qualities the OFDR Raman technology has technical and also economic advantages compared to all commercial fire detection systems. The addressable market of our linear heat detection systems covers fire detection in underground construction facilities like tunnels, cable ducts, parking garages, hangars, nuclear interim waste storage sites, floating roof tanks endangered by explosions.

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Sigrist-Photometer AG

Visibility measurement and smoke detection in road and railroad tunnels

The Swiss company Sigrist-Photometer AG is providing instruments for visibility measurement in road tunnels since nearly 40 years. In more than thousand installations the reliability and accuracy have been proved, and Sigrist is established as a leading supplier in this market.

With the VisGuard introduced in 2001, an in-situ installation within the tunnel as well as an extractive setup with sample extraction and installation of the instruments in an easy accessible service area are possible. So depending on the requirements of the operator, the optimal system can be selected. With preheating of the sample, faulty signals caused by fog or spray mist can be excluded. Thanks to the convincing simplicity of the system, more than 700 installations could be realized in Europe.

Actually the VisGuard is also used for smoke detection, as required e.g. in the German RABT. The evaluation of the visibility signals after the incidents in the Montblanc, Tauern and Gotthard tunnels had demonstrated that they could give an important contribution. In fact, these instruments had shown the first irregular behaviour of all measuring components. The reason is that already cold smoke can be detected. Using digital interfaces (e.g. Profibus) or two different analogue ranges, it allows to provide measuring values in the low range (for visibility measurement) and for the high range (smoke detection) simultaneously.



SWAREFLEX is a division of the company D. Swarovski & Co. in Wattens/Austria and has been producing road safety articles for more than 50 years. The production program comprises reflective road studs and reflectors with glass elements as well as electronic products, which are used as guidance or warning systems.

Swaroline is a highly efficient optical lane indicator system and designed to mark the roadside in tunnels and galleries.

Swaroexit is used as dynamic escape route and emergency exit lighting in tunnels and works as an effective LED system for the support of aid rescue.

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