SOLIT - Safety of Life in Tunnels

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Institut der Feuerwehr Sachsen-Anhalt

Institut der Feuerwehr Sachsen-Anhalt Applied Research to the Benefit of the Fire Service

Apart from all conveniences, modern society also brings a lot of considerable risks that must be effectively resisted. This demands the solution of numerous scientific and technical problems to have the know-how in advance for an effective defence against the different hazards. At the Institute practice-related problems are being worked on in the following fields:

  • fire prevention
  • matters of fire service
  • environmental protection and disaster control
The Institute disposes over a modern measuring, laboratory, and computer technology for the solution of a broad range of scientific and technical tasks:
  • large-scale facilities, which hardly contaminate the environments
  • mobile fire lab (MOBLAB)
  • physical and chemical laboratories
  • possibilities of experimental and mathematical simulation
Apart from this, the Institute is being active in other fields related with fire protection such as are statistics of fire service operations, documentation of international fire protection literature and literature searches, investigation of fire causes, and much more.


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