SOLIT - Safety of Life in Tunnels

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SOLIT - Safety Of Life In Tunnels

The devastating fires which have occurred in tunnels over the last few years, have shown that there is an urgent need to improve evacuation conditions and to create effective facilities for a speedy fire fighting.

Those are the targets that have been set for the ‘SOLIT’ Research Project sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and initiated by FOGTEC. In close cooperation with partners involved in the fire protection of tunnel systems – among them manufacturers of fire alarm systems, ventilation systems. However, also the following targes such as passive fire protection are effective measures have been developed in order to

  • to facilitate the evacuation of persons
  • to permit safe and easy working for the rescue forces, and
  • to protect the tunnel construction.

The general suitability of high pressure water mist for fire fighting in tunnel systems has already been proven by the scope of the EU Research Project UPTUN in cooperation with FOGTEC . Based on the research results of the project, investigations will be carried out how various safety systems in the tunnel influence each other. Besides developing innovative products for fire fighting in tunnels, research activities are focused on optimizing fire protection by a suitable combination of fire fighting protection measures.


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